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Short Story List


 1  Cock Gobbling Bitch 

 2  Tricked into a Naughty Threesome on  Holiday 

 3  My Kinda Anal 

 4  Dirty Knicker Sniffer 

 5  Fuck me Twice - DP 

 6  Breaking in my Virgin Girlfriend

 7  My Sound Effects Guy 

 8  The Gift that keeps on Giving 

 9  Sexy Lingerie for – whoever it fits! 

 10  Two Holes are better than One, Crack on!

 11 Pussy Muncher, Me 

 12 My Sexy Tits on a Cock 

 13 Death by Pussy 

 14 Soldiers Blue 

 15 Masturbation – Best done when Guided by Me


Cock Gobbling Bitch

It has to be said, I love sucking cock. I love to feel it pulsating into my mouth and the hot creamy cum spurting down the back of my throat. Feeling that throbbing hard cock slide into my mouth thrusting in and out and being fucked like a cunt as my head is forced onto his fat, swollen purple bell-end.
Sometimes, when my man is close to coming, I like to take his balls in my hand with his helmet in my mouth, and just hold it while cupping his balls gently squeezing and milking them so I can feel it pumping onto my tongue. That way I can hold the warm spunk in my mouth for a few moments before I swallow it all in one go, just savouring it and then still able to taste it long after I’ve swallowed.
I know how much this turns him on because he always cums so much. He watches his creamy cum flood over my tongue then it drips on to my huge fleshy mounds as it coats my erect nipples.
Most of all, for me though, I love the effect it has on a man when you lick the whole length of his rock-hard cock before I take it deep into my hot, wet, greedy mouth. Especially when it’s not fully erect and I can feel it growing, filling my mouth stretching, to gagging capacity. Then have him pull his cock out. I watch mesmerised as he shoots it all over my dirty bitch face. I guess when all is said and done. I just can’t get enough of cock!

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